• • Blue color is easily identifiable during full service food preparation • Made to fit like latex without harmful latex proteins • Decreases an operation’s environmental footprint • Blue is a very common color and the HACCP color code for seafood in areas in supermarkets, retail and restaurants • Compatible with oneSAFE® acrylic dispensers: 11-1SF1 | 11-1SF3
  • • Extremely durable and exceptional dexterity • Blue tint helps reduce the risk of cross contamination during full service food preparation
  • • Patent-pending innovative synthetic poly hybrid blend • Textured pattern for improved grip and performance • Blue color offers higher visibility for food safety • Improved stretch, comfort and dexterity over vinyl and poly gloves • Overall upgrade in performance versus poly gloves • Ideal for general food assembly and serving needs such as sandwich and salad making, delis, and service stations in schools and supermarkets
  • • Unique design and innovative dispensing system permits quick, one-handed changes • Ideal for tasks requiring frequent glove changes • Ambidextrous • Compatible with QuickFit® Wall Mount Bracket
    • Flame-retardant neoprene protects from temperatures up to 400ºF as well as grease and cleaning chemicals*
    • Elbow length for maximum arm protection
    * CAUTION: Components used in making these gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users. Follow your institution's policies for use (based on intermittent content).


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