What is Double Gloving
& When To Use It

Double gloving is the practice of using two gloves to expedite line time and tasks while reducing cross contamination.

How to Do It

Food handlers first don a fitted nitrile or vinyl glove and then apply a second, non-fitted glove made of poly or similar material.

When to Use It

There are two established scenarios where a food employee can change gloves without hand washing:

  • Working with the same type of food product (e.g., ready to eat product, then another ready to eat product) – for example, making a cold cut sandwich then donning a new glove to make a chef salad.
  • Working with multiple foods, but handling them in an order that will prevent cross contamination based on proper cook temperatures (e.g., moving from ready to eat product to raw product) – for example, making a lettuce salad with a glove on, then donning new glove to work with raw beef. Hand washing would not be required whether or not an additional glove was used or the original glove is removed.