Your Best Pal in the Entire Kitchen

PanPals® High Heat Pan Liners & Oven Bags

FoodHandler® provides innovative PanPals® High Heat Liners that reduce the risk of cross contamination while saving labor costs, simplifying clean up and improving HACCP compliance by keeping grease out of the drains.

Increase profits, food safety and HACCP compliance with PanPals® High Heat Pan Liners and Oven Bags. Made from nylon, PanPals® can withstand temperatures from -70ºF to 400ºF and come in sizes to fit anything from soup kettles to full size hotel pans! PanPals® help reduce cleaning time, water use and keep grease and food from clogging drains.

HDPE Pan Liners

HDPE Flat Pack Pan Liners prevent food from cooking onto pans. Pan Liners reduce labor and cleaning costs with sizes for common steam table pans.


  • Reduce Cross Contamination Risks
  • Save on Labor Costs

  • Simplify Clean Up
  • Improve HACCP Compliance

PanPals® High Heat Pan Liners and Oven Bags are proudly made in the USA!

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