• • Blue color is easily identifiable during full service food preparation • Made to fit like latex without harmful latex proteins • Decreases an operation’s environmental footprint • Blue is a very common color and the HACCP color code for seafood in areas in supermarkets, retail and restaurants • Compatible with oneSAFE® acrylic dispensers: 11-1SF1 | 11-1SF3
  • • High impact plastic dispenser for great durability • Suction cups for table top dispenser ensures a secure placement and high performance • Formfitting and latex free • Decreases an operation’s environmental footprint • Provides modularity and operational flexibility needed for fast paced operations • Compatible with oneSAFE® dispensers: 11-1SF1 | 11-1SF3
  • • Excellent fingertip sensitivity • Resists tears and punctures
  • • Comfortable formfitting fit • Soft, durable, and cost effective • 100% latex free
  • • Manufactured with the fit and feel of latex • Comfortably formfitting for superior wearability *CAUTION: Components used in making these gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users. Follow your institution’s policies for use.
    • Green gloves infused with Aloe Vera gel to soothe and smooth hands
    • Helps to relieve and prevent dryness associated with frequent hand washing and glove use
  • • Extremely durable and exceptional dexterity • Blue tint helps reduce the risk of cross contamination during full service food preparation
  • • The highest quality, smooth, vinyl gloves with better dexterity than looser fitting options • Formfitting and durable
  • • Advanced micro-pebble technology for amazing grip • Finer texture reduces slippage and improves control, even when handling wet food
  • • Disposable gloves perfect for a variety of tasks • Smooth, formfitting, and durable • Cost effective
  • • Patent-pending innovative synthetic poly hybrid blend • Textured pattern for improved grip and performance • Blue color offers higher visibility for food safety • Improved stretch, comfort and dexterity over vinyl and poly gloves • Overall upgrade in performance versus poly gloves • Ideal for general food assembly and serving needs such as sandwich and salad making, delis, and service stations in schools and supermarkets
  • • Poly gloves with advanced hybrid technology • Excellent stretch and dexterity • Maximum value within the category • Textured gloves for common foodservice applications such as food serving and food preparation
  • • Deep textured design provides improved grip and control • Cast poly provides more comfortable feel than traditional poly gloves • Easy to slip on and off
  • • High quality poly gloves • Lightly embossed texture for improved grip and control • Space saving convenience pack • Easy to slip on and off • Elbow length alternative perfect for mixing salads and breading chicken
  • • Embossed for better grip and feel • Easy to slip on and off • Highly cost effective
  • • 100% Latex rubber with cotton flock lining • Ideal for medium duty janitorial cleaning duties and housekeeping tasks • Comfortable and soft for increased dexterity and reduced hand fatigue • Available in yellow
  • • Ambidextrous, no-seam design ensures maximum comfort for butchering, deboning, and ice carving • 7 gauge Spectra fiber protects both the employee and the food * CAUTION: BladeBlocker gloves are not cut or puncture proof and are not to be used in association with serrated or electrically powered blades. To properly clean slicing equipment, always turn off the power switch and unplug from electrical outlets before beginning.
    • Ultra formfitting for maximum dexterity
    • Perfect fit ensures long lasting comfort
  • • Disposable gloves perfect for a variety of tasks • Smooth, formfitting, and durable • Cost effective


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