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FoodHandler Introduces Textured Blue Hybrid Poly Gloves

U.S. Patent-Pending Textured Synthetic Poly Blend Material Provides Better Performance Than Traditional Poly Gloves at a Cost Savings Versus Vinyl Gloves

FoodHandler, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of high-quality food safety solutions, has added textured Blue Hybrid Gloves with Advanced Hybrid Technology to its portfolio of solutions for the foodservice industry.

poly synthetic gloves

Increase hand sensitivity and reduce fatigue while enhancing food safety with FoodHandler Textured Blue Hybrid Gloves

FoodHandler makes its new textured Blue Hybrid Gloves with a U.S. Patent-Pending synthetic poly blend material that is 100-percent recyclable and offers a higher level of performance versus standard poly gloves. The material’s diagonal cross-pattern texture improves the user’s grip and tactile sensitivity.

This third-generation hybrid glove promotes better hand dexterity when preparing and serving sandwiches, salads and other ready-to-eat foods in supermarket delis and bakeries, restaurants, schools and convenience stores. The material is strong, yet soft enough to provide comfort and prevent hand fatigue.

“At FoodHandler, we are always innovating with the goal of making better, more cost effective products for our customers,” said FoodHandler Director, Brand Management Brian Sangston. “With our new FoodHandler Blue Hybrid Gloves, we are providing excellent overall value versus vinyl and other hybrid gloves on the market today.”

To enhance food safety, FoodHandler Blue Hybrid Gloves dispense from the carton cuff first to reduce bare-hand contact and the risk of cross contamination. The blue color increases visibility during food preparation and helps foodservice operators meet HACCP food safety standards.

For more information and to order FoodHandler Blue Hybrid Gloves, call FoodHandler at 800-338-4433 or visit https://www.foodhandler.com/products/details/?product=FoodHandler+Blue+Hybrid+Gloves&pid=43.