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Surveys have shown that a majority of the dining out public feel that improper employee food handling is a major concern. If you don't think your customers check to see who is wearing gloves, think again! 

Visible Glove Use is a Key Factor

First Impressions Are Important
A customer’s overall impression of your operation is very important. 82% of consumers gave a very high approval of an establishment where foodservice workers wear gloves

How To Please Your Patrons
Customer satisfaction is excellent when foodservice workers wear gloves. 48% of customers claim to have "better than expected" satisfaction with their restaurant visit when gloves are used.

Will They Come Back? 

  • 61% of customers are “much more likely” to revisit a restaurant where workers wear gloves   
  • 77% would select a restaurant using gloves over one that did not   
  • 70% of customers are even willing to pay more to visit a restaurant that uses gloves

Customer Approval Is Critical
When patrons observe glove use in a restaurant they have a strongly favorable perception about the restaurant and believe that the establishment: 

  • 85% believe operation is trying very hard to be sanitary and cares about me   
  • 67% think operator cares a lot about the food they serve   
  • 63% feel restaurant is trying very hard to make a positive impression on me

Source:  Consumer Perceptions of Foodservice Protective Gloves - An independent study conducted for FoodHandler by NPD Foodworld.