An Unwavering Commitment to Food Safety

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, FoodHandler is the established food safety leader — providing simplified compliance and peace of mind to a range of food service operations. Founded in 1969, FoodHandler has set the highest quality standards in the market, consistently delivering top-notch service and innovative products that ensure food safety at operations around the globe.


Key Company Milestones

  • 1969: Island Polyethylene Bag and Supply Corporation, a precursor to FoodHandler, is founded.
  • 1991:  New York State amends food code and forbids servers from touching ready-to-eat foods.
  • 1993: FoodHandler becomes founding sponsor of ICFS
  • 1996: FoodHandler gets a new look with a redesigned logo and updated packaging
  • 1997: The first Director of Quality Assurance and Training is hired, giving way to FoodHandler’s food safety training and education program
  • 1998: The company introduces 30 new products
  • 2000: FoodHandler is purchased by Stone Creek
  • 2003: FoodHandler introduces the company’s first NSF-certified products
  • 2004: FoodHandler joins with trusted medical safety supply company Microflex Corporation. Both companies become subsidiaries of BarrierSafe Solutions International Incorporated (BSSI). The additional resources available through BSSI — increased R&D capabilities, expanded product innovation, greater operational efficiencies, and supply chain management expertise — strengthen FoodHandler’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative food safety products.
  • 2004: Stone Creek and Riverside Capital merged and created BSSI (Microflex and FoodHandler)
  • 2012: Bunzl acquires FoodHandler division